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The Villages
Monday, June 5, 2023

Incompetent elected officials gambling with our economic stability

To the Editor:

And yet again, Americans are threatened by these elected officials who act as they are still in kindergarten! Social Security payments may be delayed, 401k account holders may suffer because these people can’t come to an agreement! I say that if this happens, stop the pay of the House members until they can behave like adults!

Suzie Quintana
Village of El Cortez


Little white cross case may be headed to U.S. Supreme Court

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of Tamarind Grove resident suggests that the infamous little white cross case in The Villages may have to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We need to change the rules

A Village of Lynnhaven resident contends it’s time for The Villages to update the deed compliance rules.

The cross should remain

A Village of Fernandina resident says that a little white cross at the center of a legal battle in The Villages should remain in place. Read her Letter to the Editor.

I agree that Sawgrass Grove is overcrowded and pricey

A Village of Monarch Grove resident agrees with a previous letter writer who complained that Sawgrass Grove is overcrowded and pricey.

Snarky comments about my noble name

A Village of Pennecamp resident calls out the readers making snarky comments about his “noble” name. Read his Letter to the Editor.