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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Even new areas of The Villages will face abandoned homes

To the Editor:

If CDD 5 has found a solution to homes that are not being cared for properly and can get paid to care for them quickly avoiding the legal system, then go for it! This becomes a problem as aging occurs down through The Villages. So anyone who thinks this does not apply to their new village, you are out of luck.  This is your problem, too.
You need to get involved in the solution now. Talk to your heirs now and tell them what you want to occur. Put the upkeep on a direct pay from your account. If your heirs do not have the means to keep it up, then they have a little time to find a real estate agent to sell it quick and stop the drain on their inheritance and are motivated to sell quick. Having no will equals draining your estate and the work you put into earning the money.

Barbara Bockenstedt
Village of Collier


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