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The Villages
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Villagers need to get over themselves and stop whining

To the Editor:

My family was part of the original Summerfield/Oxford people. It really bothers me that all of you all have moved to what was precious land sites and given all of the opportunities you have now, to complain about all of them. I really think you all should get over yourselves and appreciate what you have.
You have all garnered some of the best property that Florida has to offer. Yeah, you want a bicker about so many small things. Why? Enjoy the life you have, and respect those in your community, as well as those who are outside of it. They gave up generations of farmland so that you all could have a nice, pleasant place to live. It breaks my heart to hear that you all want to be petty about the most insignificant things, and then proclaim you are the friendliest, most welcoming place in the USA. Get over yourselves. A little southern hospitality, and graciousness goes a long way
As my pastor used to say, God doesn’t appreciate ugliness in anybody. Just remember when you point a finger somebody, there are three more pointing back at you.

Susan Floyd


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