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Clark Barrios to perform music of Michael Bublé at Savannah Center

Clark Barrios understands and appreciates what it means to capture the music of Michael Bublé.

“I approach his music and vocals in a very precise way,” Barrios said. He performs “The Music of Michael Bublé,” Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. in Savannah Center.
“He is very calculated in his approach, just as Frank Sinatra was,” Barrios added. “Each note is thought out.  Nothing is left to chance.  He looks at the voice as an instrument.”

Clark Barrios, left, will perform the songs of Michael Buble in an upcoming show.

Maybe that’s why Bublé – who has sold over 75 million records — is so popular. Billions of his songs have been downloaded and he sells out concerts around the world.

The big break came 20 years ago with his self-titled album. Among the hits that came out of that record were covers of the Bee Gees’ “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” and George Michael’s “Kissing a Fool.”
Bublé, 47, who is from Canada, told Variety that he felt sure of his success in the business of music.
“I had no idea how I was going to get there, but I don’t think there was ever any doubt,” he said. “And in hindsight, I realize how unbelievably lucky I have been.

“I don’t care how much talent you have, there are so many dominoes that have to fall in a perfect way for you to have that sort of dream come true. But I definitely had complete and utter belief that this would be the story.”

Bublé, in some ways, is a throwback. He’s the kind of singer who can make any song his own. From Frank Sinatra (“Come Fly With Me”) and Tony Bennett (“Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”) to Bob Dylan (“Make You Feel My Love”) and Queen (“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”). It’s all part of Bublé’s appeal.

“His catalog is the combination of some of the greatest singers of our time,” Barrios said.  “A lot of folks think it’s just Frank Sinatra stuff but it’s so much more.”
Barrios adds that Bublé can cover such performers as, “Ray Charles, Van Morrison, Queen, The Eagles and Engelbert Humperdinck.  He can make each fit his style and turn it into something just different enough to make it unique to him.”

Another singer who appreciates Bublé is Paul McCartney. The one-time Beatle praised Bublé’s version of a song McCartney wrote called “My Valentine.”

“I was really pleased,” McCartney told Variety, adding that Bublé invited him into the recording studio to help Bublé make the record.
“It was magic,” Bublé said.

That adjective may best describe Bublé’s music and career longevity. Barrios will perform some of his own personal Bublé favorites including, “Feeling Good,” “Home,” “Nobody But Me,” and “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

“Those are just a few,” Barrios said. “I actually love doing the entire show.”

Tony Violanti covers music and entertainment for Villages-News.com. He was inducted into The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame as a music journalist.

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