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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Taking from the north to supplement the south won’t work over the long haul

To the Editor:

I am OK with chipping in a little bit more for the fire and rescue, whether that be a little from the amenity fees, or from elsewhere.  I would also like to see the businesses chip in a little more too. And for the public safety department to tighten their budget. And for the county to tighten up their budget. If we all work together, and all chip in, and all watch the spending, we can have the skilled and fast response times needed. Robbing Peter to pay Paul by decreasing service from the north to serve the south is not going to be good and fair over the long haul. All areas need speedy response times. If everyone pulls together we can take care of one another.
Thank you to all the first responders, and to everyone, working hard to solve this problem.  And thank you to everyone contributing financially to have a safe and healthy community.

Ellie Decker
Village of Hadley


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