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The Villages
Thursday, September 21, 2023

Fire district charade

To the Editor:

Enough is ENOUGH!
The three Sumter County commissioners (Wiley, Ulrich, Bilardello) and Mr. Arnold (unelected county administrator) have now exposed their disgusting hate and contempt of ALL the residents in Sumter County.
They think it is just fine to trample and reject our NO vote against the fire district charade. They could have accepted the decision and accept the commission’s recommendations. Lake, Marion, Polk, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus ALL have sliding scale fees for COMMERCIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, INDUSTRIAL plots. Residential fee is approximately $225. These counties are NOT influenced by any investor, DEVELOPER or political body. These counties are TRUE counties with many professionals with high ethics, integrity and respect for ALL its tax base. We must stop this coup d’etat by this trojan horse of a county government. I will not continue to pay $124 for my services knowing that a strip mall or hotel in Brownwood pays the same yearly rate. Time to ring that warning bell.

Levere Overmiller
Village of Pennecamp


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