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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Leader Schumer shouldn’t embarrass himself in China

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott
U.S. Sen. Rick Scott

How many senior U.S. officials will journey to Communist China on American taxpayers’ dime before Washington wakes up and understands that we are giving Xi Jinping and his evil regime in Communist China exactly what they want? Is Xi planning to give Leader Schumer an award for everything he has done to help his murderous regime maintain power over the United States?

Since Chuck Schumer got elected to the Senate, Communist China’s GDP has grown from $1.1 trillion to more than $18 trillion. Just in the last two years, Schumer led the pro-Communist China ‘CHIPS Bill’ which allowed semiconductor manufacturers like Intel to maintain MASSIVE operations in Communist China.

On top of that, Schumer voted AGAINST my bill to reverse President Biden’s rule that allowed Chinese solar companies, many of which are using child and slave labor, to circumvent U.S. trade laws. It’s actually hard to think of any sitting member of the U.S. Senate that has done more to help Communist China than Chuck Schumer. Now, he’s adding this pointless, taxpayer-funded trip to his list of appeasements.

Of course he will get a king’s welcome in Beijing. Communist China has chosen to be America’s enemy and NOTHING Schumer says is going to change that.

But, since he is planning this big trip, here are the things he must demand answers on if he has any hope of this not being a total embarrassment for him:

  • Communist China’s role in the deadly fentanyl crisis that has taken more than 70,000 American lives over the last year;
  • Xi’s disgusting cover-up of the COVID pandemic and the lab leak that caused devastation to the U.S. economy and the loss of millions of American lives;
  • The massive and continuous IP theft, corporate espionage, and flow of counterfeit and illicit goods supported by Xi’s regime that have caused immeasurable damage to U.S. businesses;
  • Communist China’s efforts to undermine the security of the United States by luring our neighbors using the Belt and Road Initiative to deny the U.S. access to resources, technology and strategic regions in the Western Hemisphere;
  • The harm caused by Communist China’s international treaty violations, trade manipulation and illegal dumping, use of slave labor in solar panel production and attacks on the sovereignty of Taiwan and the Philippines with military operations in the Taiwan Strait and West Philippine Sea;
  • Communist China’s blatant espionage and spy operations conducted through its spy balloon, spy base in Cuba and illegal police substations in American cities, including New York City;
  • The horrific human rights abuses being committed by Xi’s evil and murderous regime, including the imprisonment of 1 MILLION Uyghurs who are subjected to slave labor, involuntary organ harvesting, sterilization and torture that often results in death; and
  • Hold the Communist Party of China accountable for their despicable destruction of Hong Kong’s freedom, autonomy and rule of law—specifically the sham conviction of pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott is a former two-term governor of Florida.

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