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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sending 90-year-olds to prison doesn’t accomplish anything

To the Editor:

Ninety-year-olds going to prison? Just what do you think that will accomplish? Scare other people from doing the same crime? The prisons are full to the brim of people that knew what they were doing would send them to prison because they knew other people went to prison for doing the same crime.
Stop the current person from doing the same crime? The thinking that prison changes anything for the better is the same thinking that laws stop people from committing crimes. Can anyone wake up and realize that prison gets the person off the streets but changes nothing for the better within that person. Are there any real solutions to solving accidental crimes and deliberate crimes? And sending a 90+ year old person to prison for an accidental crime is insane.

Sandra Marston
Village of Hacienda


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