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The Villages
Saturday, December 9, 2023

Villagers on fixed incomes can’t afford more increases

To the Editor:

We all need to please speak up against these “CASH COW” “new Amenities and Maintenance fee increases” recently and shamefully proposed by multiple District supervisors. Their priority is SUPPOSED to be the well-being of our residents – especially our many senior neighbors on a fixed income. (Not to mention all of us feeling 3.6% inflation.) Not “new, fat, pretty budgets.” It’s “as if” they’re trying to out-do each other with “creative budget increases, at residents’ expense.”
An unpleasant but necessary task:
Ask yourself: “Would you really prefer that your neighbors, living here for years, confident their budgets were realistic, now be forced to give up their ‘forever’ homes?” That is the true issue. And many of us are close to that now.
Who could have foreseen our reps would target amenities, maintenance, fire rates? Property taxes rising so much now, with no end in sight? Villages website “What it costs to live in The Villages” has promised reasonable amounts for years.
Well, do you? Want to watch many of your senior long-time neighbors have to move away from their “final home?” With our hearts broken? Hopefully our reaction will not simply be, “Oh, well” with a shrug, but rather: “Supervisors take note: No fat price increases. Or we’ll vote you out.” Thank you in advance for having a heart for our seniors.

Lisa Anders
Village of Chatham


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