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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Still the savior of the country

To the Editor:

I read the comments of the Trump haters continually pointing out Trumps alleged crimes and misdeeds and wonder, who are these people looking to for guidance in running the most bloated corrupt government in the world.
Consider the fact that Trump proved in four years how great this country can be with a leader working for the people and their welfare. Veterans , minorities, sovereignty, higher wages more jobs ,border security . Obama did more harm than ever reported , he achieved more debt during his leadership than every other president combined, The Clinton’s well we all know had corrupt they are, the hero of the Marxist’s corrupt Joe Biden his lies and corruption is being exposed daily . So I ask the question who do you support ,the guy that got job done or the bumbling lying corrupt Marxist Democrats destroying this country right before our eyes.

Robert Basye
Village of Piedmont


Are they even considering the traffic that new development will bring?

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Walmart can follow lead of 7-Eleven and ‘accidentally’ kill trees

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Second-hand smoke intolerable at town squares

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Everybody is running stop signs

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Trump should be praised for all he has done!

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