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Stonecrest residents sue State Farm over hail damage

A couple who lives in Summerfield has filed a lawsuit against State Farm Insurance for over $50,000 in damages, claiming the company never covered expenses the homeowners incurred as a result of repairing hail damage to their home.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, Sept. 25 in the fifth judicial circuit court of Marion County by Maitland-based attorney Patrick Cassady on behalf of his clients, Vincent and Marcia Allessie.

According to the complaint, the Allessies purchased property insurance from State Farm for their home located at 12333 SE 177th Loop, within the Stonecrest community.

12333 SE 177th Loop in Summerfield
12333 SE 177th Loop in Summerfield (Photo: Realtor.com)

According to Marion County property records, the home was originally built in 2004 and sold for $181,600. The Allessies purchased the home in September 2021 for $350,000.

The complaint claims that “on or about April 25, 2023,” the couple’s home was damaged by “wind and/or hail” that swept through the area.

Their attorney claims the Allessies were “covered under” a State Farm policy for property insurance, and that the company failed to “fully indemnify” the couple “from loss.” The attorney argues that State Farm’s “refusal to reimburse” his clients constitutes a “breach of contract.”

“Plaintiff has been damaged as a result of Defendant’s breach in the form of insurance proceeds which have not been paid, interest, costs, and attorney’s fees,” reads the complaint.

The Allessies are seeking “greater than $50,000” in damages, as well as trial by jury, according to the complaint.

The couple’s lawsuit follows similar claims made by residents across the tri-county area who say they were never reimbursed for storm damages they covered out-of-pocket.

An Ocala homeowner filed a lawsuit against State Farm on the same day, accusing the company of not covering expenses incurred to repair from damages allegedly caused by a tornado.

In early August, a Village of Sanibel couple sued the insurance extension of the American Automobile Association (AAA), claiming the company has not reimbursed them for repairs made due to damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

In a similar lawsuit, an Ocala homeowner claims his home was “damaged directly” by Hurricane Ian and that he has yet to receive reimbursement for the repairs.

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