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The Villages
Saturday, February 24, 2024

Living in The Villages does not entitle you to be obnoxious

To the Editor:

I am visiting my mom in The Villages for the seventh time and I must say the rude and obnoxious behavior by the residents is uncalled for. You people are are not extra special and the world does NOT owe you anything.
You think you own the golf cart lanes when someone is not traveling fast enough and riding people’s tails is not necessary. Not everyone has electric carts that go over 20 mph. You make obnoxious demands for people to pull up so you can turn when the person in front of you is making safety judgments. Who are you and why are you too important to wait? You act like spoiled children with NO respect for others. It’s not like you work and have to be anywhere, so, get over yourselves and be a little kinder and patient. A guy at Publix couldn’t wait five seconds for me to clean off a cart, just outright obnoxious. Living in The Villages does not entitle you to be an obnoxious, rude jerk. These experiences happened in less than a 24-hour time frame. I probably have a few more examples if I think back. I also have come across some very nice people as well but I have never seen anything like this anywhere else. You are like territorial cats. I look forward to the next arrogant comment and I will respond to you.

Laurie Albanese
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


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