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The Villages
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

CDD 8 supervisors are a disappointment when it comes to anonymous complaints

I like the changes some community development districts have made regarding anonymous complaints!

I believe EVERY district should adopt the policy of having the person making their complaint provide their name and address to prove they live in the vicinity of the property not in compliance! I think it’s important that ALL districts have the same rules!

I believe the TROLLS will focus on the communities that allow anonymous complaints making those districts targets. Community Development District 8 is a disappointment for not making a much needed change and I believe its decision to continue the “anonymous” complaints is because of the ongoing white cross situation!!

Let’s get united, not divided on this subject!

Cathy Jarosch is a resident of the Village of St. James.

The multi-modal paths are open to everybody

A Village of Gilchrist woman, in a Letter to the Editor, says the multi-modal paths are to be shared by everyone and are not exclusively for golf carts.

I enjoy riding my bicycle on multi-modal paths in The Villages

A Village of Dunedin resident, who frequently rides a bicycle on the multi-modal paths in The Villages, responds to a Letter to the Editor from a resident of the Village of DeSoto.

Pedestrians are not always treated with respect on multi-modal paths

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of Osceola Hills at Soaring Eagle resident says that pedestrians are not always treated with respect on the multi-modal paths.

The rule is that we are supposed to share the paths

A Village of Linden offers some clarification about the intent for the use of the multi-modal paths in The Villages.

Multi-functional paths can accommodate all

A Village of Santo Domingo reader takes issue with a Villager who said that walkers and bicyclists need to get out of the way of golf carts on the multi-modal paths.