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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Trump ramps up threats against fellow Americans

To the Editor:

As the rule of law tightens around Donald Trump, his threats against his fellow Americans increases.
His policies of retribution if granted a second term are clear. He is coming for you if you do not support him. Vermin! Marxists! Fascists! Demonizing Americans is right out of the Authoritarian playbook.
To see so many of my fellow Americans cheering this behavior on and believing it is so sad. We each have our opinions and, as Americans, are entitled to them. To impose your opinions on others is wrong. This is a free country for now.
If Trump is returned to the White House and begins his policy of retribution, our democracy is over. Our slide into authoritarianism is complete.
Think long and hard about your vote in 2024. Do you really want to throw our democracy away for one man?
As for me, I am an American, not vermin.

Diane Yates
Village of Virginia Trace


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