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The Villages
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

We have a problem that needs to be addressed

To the Editor:

I live on Victory Drive in the Village of Osceola Hills. To leave my village, I go south on Victory to Deskin Lane and turn left on Deskin to exit Osceola. At the corner of Deskin and Victory, a homeowner has three very tall spruce-looking trees that block the view on Deskin. Everyone has to pull up even with the stop sign to see if there is a vehicle coming down Deskin. I am surprised that no one has complained to have these trees cut back or removed so they can see oncoming traffic.

Angie Fails
Village of Osceola Hills


The multi-modal paths are open to everybody

A Village of Gilchrist woman, in a Letter to the Editor, says the multi-modal paths are to be shared by everyone and are not exclusively for golf carts.

I enjoy riding my bicycle on multi-modal paths in The Villages

A Village of Dunedin resident, who frequently rides a bicycle on the multi-modal paths in The Villages, responds to a Letter to the Editor from a resident of the Village of DeSoto.

Pedestrians are not always treated with respect on multi-modal paths

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of Osceola Hills at Soaring Eagle resident says that pedestrians are not always treated with respect on the multi-modal paths.

The rule is that we are supposed to share the paths

A Village of Linden offers some clarification about the intent for the use of the multi-modal paths in The Villages.

Multi-functional paths can accommodate all

A Village of Santo Domingo reader takes issue with a Villager who said that walkers and bicyclists need to get out of the way of golf carts on the multi-modal paths.