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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Shame on those CDDs still accepting anonymous complaints

To the Editor:

Why is any CDD still accepting anonymous complaints?  (I’m glad my CDD has stopped accepting them.)  And what is/was the purpose of anonymous complaints?  Shame on those CDDs which are still accepting them.  Yes, complainers should live in The Villages (one of the greatest places to live – which we have since 2005) but request their names and addresses if they have a complaint.  That’s it.
When I read recently that certain patio villa owners were asked to remove stone fronts at their own cost – even if they purchased the villas with stone fronts already in place – I began to lose respect for The Villages management.  Why should they be responsible for something they did NOT do?  Terrible, simply terrible.
I ask again, why have anonymous complainers?  CDDs needs to either hire people to check for violations and not rely on jealous neighbors or even worse, people who don’t even live in the Village where the complaints are lodged.
Come on, CDDs, let’s be civil … people who live in The Villages, enjoy living in The Villages.  Don’t cause them to leave because of anonymous complainers.

Bernice J. Braccia
Village of Virginia Trace


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