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Supervisor of Elections will discuss changing election laws at LWV event

William Keen
William Keen

Sumter County Supervisor of Elections Bill Keen will discuss changing election laws at an event hosted by the Tri-County League of Women Voters.

The event will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Nov. 27 at the Fruitland Park Library at 604 W. Berckman St. The event is open to members of the public.

Since 2024 is a presidential election year, there will be more races on the ballot than in off-year elections. Counties elect Supervisors of Elections, Sheriffs, Court Clerks, Property Appraisers, Tax Collectors as well as members of their Water Authority and Hospital Boards. Florida Primary Elections in 2024 may be your only opportunity to vote for a local candidate, if they are running unopposed.

Learn more at lwvtrifl.org

Are they even considering the traffic that new development will bring?

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Walmart can follow lead of 7-Eleven and ‘accidentally’ kill trees

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Second-hand smoke intolerable at town squares

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Everybody is running stop signs

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Trump should be praised for all he has done!

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