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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Trump does not have our backs

To the Editor:

I hate to say, it but you are wrong Robert, Trump would not have America’s back if he would get a second term.
He proved that by how he turned his back on American Democratic Principles and Traditions ( that is, ceding power to the lawfully elected President to be) by trying to prevent Congress from tallying votes of the Electoral College that would show President Biden won the vote. If he can gain the Power of the Presidency again what guarantee do we have that Trump would relinquish that Power to the next lawfully elected President.
He tried to become a dictator of sorts by staying in power after he was voted out of office and listen to his campaign speeches now. Complaints of persecution, corrupt officials and unfair courts; laced with fear mongering about how bad thing are; and plots of vengeance and gutting of Federal agencies to be replaced with his henchmen. Look at Russia or other authoritarian so called democracies and what they lead to: citizens jailed, citizens killed, vote rigging, cronies get rich and the people suffer.
First and foremost elected officials must respect and pay homage to our democratic principles and traditions. And first on that list is to respect the vote of the people. Our free, fair, and counted vote is the only assurance that our American Freedoms will never be lost. An elected official has to be in it more for the people than himself. The people should always come first.
I think that’s what that knowledgeable man, William, had in mind with his fox hole metaphor. If you’re in the military, you put your country ahead of self interest, even your life, in the performance of your duty. The President is our Commander-in-Chief.

Carl Casale
Village of Pine Hills


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