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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Trump wants to be a dictator

To the Editor:

I joined the Republican party at the age of 24, I’m 81 now. I voted straight Republican since then, until Donald Trump ran for president. I am not a Biden or Hillary fan. I did not vote for president when Hillary was running but I did vote for Biden as the lesser of two evils.
Trump botched so many thing during his tenure but the one that I feel hurt us most was how he mishandled the Covid crisis – 200,000 people died because of his ego. He thought nothing of it and didn’t take ownership of any of his mistakes. He has not taken ownership of any of his errors during his entire life.
Trump has not hidden his desire to turn this country into a dictatorship. I don’t understand why so many people follow him so blindly. The only reason he wants to be president is so he can pardon himself and get revenge on those who don’t agree with him.
Give us back the grand old party. And lets get rid of the MAGA gutter snipes that are destroying our country.

Selden Sieger
Village of Country Club Hills


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