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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Answer to Trump wanting to be a dictator

To the Editor:

It amazes me with the people who complain about Trump with false information or just not looking at the facts.
As I’ve mentioned before, I know Trump has a hard time from keeping silent and states things that I wish he wouldn’t, but as far as doing the job as President he did a excellent job and loves our country!!
The article mentioned the bad job he did during Covid and lost 200k lives and did a terrible job during Covid.. I’m not sure where this person was during Covid but evidently he wasn’t aware of Warpspeed group of top scientists that Trump put together in two months and developed a vaccine in record time which actually saved thousands of lives!! He also mentioned that he voted for Biden who he felt was a better person!! Have you been paying attention to the corruption and his family have been involved in for the last 20 years, which is jeopardizing our country! Trump kept us safe and free of wars and lives lost, best Economy in 50 years, had a closed border and getting it under control instead of millions of illegals coming into our Country with hundreds of people who hate us and will try for another 911 and will cost us more lives!! If Trump was still in office, we wouldn’t have the war in Ukraine or Israel and be under the threat of a 3rd World War and costing the taxpayers Trillion of dollars because of Biden’s stupid decisions!! Talk about a Dictator, Joe Biden wants to control everything that you do with all of his agencies and regulations he trying to form, and you think Trump is a dictator! WOW all I can say is give me Trump for four more years for it is going to take him to straighten out this mess Biden has created!! If you doubt this be honest with yourself and look at the facts of what has happened to this country before Biden and after Biden. He is such a liar he stated on TV that there was never a vaccine until after he was in office and yet he was also on TV a month before he took over showing himself getting his vaccine!! That’s who you prefer over Trump!! Trump may shoot his mouth off but he actually works many hours and gets the job done.

Ken Sulko
Village of Osceola Hills


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