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Saturday, February 24, 2024

A golf cart cut me off and I went over the handlebars

To the Editor:

The paths are “multi-modal” and not just for golf carts. This is the season of sharing, share the paths. I ride a bicycle on the multi-modal paths and frequently have to contend with walkers, sometimes with dogs who do not walk on the right side. The worst problem are the golf carts who do not respect the bikers. I was run off the cart path next to Loblolly. The golf cart passed multiple golf carts and then cut me off, I went over the handlebars and now have scars on my knees. The golf cart never stopped. State law requires a 3 foot margin when passing.

Gerald Hughes
Village of Fenney


We should not vote for anyone spreading Russian propaganda

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of Poinciana woman contends we should not vote for anyone for re-election that has knowingly spread Russian propaganda in the halls of our government.

Please reconsider closing down Texas Hold’ em poker games

A Village of Marsh Bend resident is hoping officials in The Villages will reconsider its decision to shut down Texas Hold’em games.

Ralph is embarrassing himself in rants about Trump

A Village of Piedmont resident fears that frequent letter writer Ralph Bennett is embarrassing himself in his rants about former President Trump.

Shocked to see bumper sticker at Lake Sumter Landing

A Haciendas of Mission Hills resident writes that he was shocked to see a bumper sticker at Lake Sumter Landing.

Don’t take poker away from residents who need it most

A Village of Calumet Grove resident, in a Letter to the Editor, is pleading with officials in The Villages to restore the poker games that mean so much to residents.