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Saturday, February 24, 2024

There needs to be a registered identifiable number on all golf carts

To the Editor:

There is a whole variety of traffic on the multi-modal paths in the Villages. Pedestrians, golf carts, bicycles, motorized wheel chairs, tri-wheel low rider bicycles, motorize bicycles, just to name a few.
Ninety-five percent of the people are courteous and safety minded for all concerned.
The other 5 percent prefer to indulge themselves in one of the following options: hit-skip, drive heavily intoxicated, cut you off, drive like they are going to a fire, pull out in front of you when there is nothing behind you for 50 yards, drive with no lights on after sunset or while it’s raining, they are even some that don’t care how bad they injure someone as long as they reach their destination, the list is never ending. (Talk about quality of life.)
My thanks and kudos to all the bystanders and good samaritans who stop and help the injured and call for EMS services.
There needs to be a registered identifiable number on all golf carts.
It’s a real circus out there!

Fred Carr
Village of Sabal Chase


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