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MAGA Club leaders in The Villages slap lawsuit on critic

Robert Rivernider
Robert Rivernider

The leaders of The Villages MAGA Club have slapped a lawsuit on a critic who they claim has libeled them.

Robert Rivernider, 58, who has served in a leadership role with the rival Villagers for Trump Club, has been issued a summons in connection with the lawsuit filed by Thomas and Valerie Jamieson of The Villages, who run the MAGA Club.

According to the lawsuit, the couple is claiming that Rivernider libeled them in October when he accused them of “money laundering” in his online newsletter. He also insinuated that the Jamiesons were lining their pockets with membership funds from the Villages MAGA Club.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, the Jamiesons communicated with Rivernider and offered him the opportunity to “withdraw the false statements and apologize to avoid litigation,” according to the lawsuit on file in Sumter County Court. The couple said Rivernider failed to do so.

Thomas and Valerie Jaimeson
Thomas and Valerie Jamieson

The Jamiesons are being represented by the law firm of Bogin Munns & Munns. They are seeking in excess of $50,000 in damages.

You can read a copy of Rivernider’s online article at this link: Bob Rivernider article

Rivernider, a resident of Continental Country Club in Wildwood, is set to go to trial Monday morning in Sumter County Court following his Sept. 29 arrest on charges of forgery and vote fraud.

Rivernider signed a vote-by-mail ballot for his father, Robert Rivernider Sr., according to an elections fraud complaint from Sumter County Supervisor of Elections William Keen. The senior Rivernider reportedly died on Oct. 19, 2020.

In an online post this past week, Rivernider claimed he is the victim of political persecution. He is calling on Trump supporters to show up at the courthouse Monday morning and to bring their Trump signs to protest what he is calling the “trial of the century” in Sumter County.

In 2013, Rivernider pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy and 16 counts of wire fraud in an investment scheme. He was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison, but won “compassionate release” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which later claimed his father’s life.

My father, like many of your family and friends, was murdered in 2020 by the corrupt criminals in ‘the government’ who created the COVID plandemic to reduce world population,” Rivernider also claimed in this past week’s online article.

The MAGA Club is set to host Marjorie Taylor Greene on Sunday, Dec. 3 in The Villages.

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