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Man allegedly drugs and sexually attacks transgender woman he met online

Terry Lee Rush
Terry Lee Rush

An Ocklawaha man was arrested for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a transgender woman whom he met online.

Dispatch received a call for service regarding a female victim who believed she was drugged and sexually battered by 66-year-old Terry Lee Rush at an undisclosed location on Wednesday evening into Thursday, according to an arrest report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. 

The victim indicated that she had been living with Rush as roommates since January. She stated that she and Rush never had an intimate relationship, the report said. 

Upon waking up Thursday morning, the victim found that her clothing, described as a corset and shapewear, was around her ankles, and the hooks for the corset were not in the correct loops. She found herself to be in disarray while her entire body was sore. She alleged that while getting out of bed, she found herself covered in feces, and her anal cavity was extremely swollen and painful, the report said. 

The victim recalled the night prior to the incident stating that Rush offered her an Irish crème alcoholic beverage. She did not routinely drink alcohol, but Rush offered her the drink after she stated that she needed to return to her home. He allegedly stated, “But you won’t come back,” before offering the drink, the report said. 

The victim reassured Rush that she would return as she was moving to the area. He then offered her a second glass which she found to taste slightly different than the original. She asked Rush if he had done anything to the drink, but he denied doing anything. Shortly thereafter, the victim felt unwell and did not finish the drink, the report said. 

Rush asked the woman, “Do I have to wait for you to pass out for me to have sex?” He also tried to hug her. She told him not to touch her, especially while she was sleeping, and went to her bedroom, the report said. 

The victim advised that she originally met Rush on a dating website for transgender people, and he offered her a place to live. He thought the victim would be engaging in sexual activity with her. He also made several comments to that end, the report said. 

The victim expressed concerns that Rush would know she was making a report to law enforcement and was hesitant to have a sexual assault exam performed, but she ultimately went through with it, the report said. 

During the follow-up investigation with several detectives, the victim recounted the incident once more. She reiterated that her relationship with Rush was not sexual in nature, and they had never slept together or displayed affection, the report said. 

Rush was very accommodating at first, but after the second week of living with him, he would say horrible things to the victim and talk about masturbating while thinking of her. She also stated that he would talk about masturbating while thinking of seeing his ex-roommate who had committed suicide by hanging, the report said. 

The victim recounted that Rush poured her a drink, which he encouraged her to take as he poured himself one drink. She then went to the bathroom, and Rush poured her another drink that tasted different. When asked to describe the difference, she indicated that it tasted as if there was more alcohol or something in it, the report said. 

The victim had a third drink and remembered trying to stand up in the kitchen. Rush tried to kiss her and stated something about waiting for her to pass out before having sex. She had no further memory of the night and no recollection of going upstairs to her room, the report said. 

Later, the victim woke up in her bedroom with her clothing removed and some of the hooks and zippers haphazardly assembled. She felt that she had been “compromised” and felt pain in her rectum. There was also feces throughout the area, the report said. 

Upon waking, it was still dark outside, and the victim felt paralyzed. She laid in bed for a couple hours until sunrise and discovered a bruise on her left thigh. She tried to clean up the feces with a paper towel and washed some of her clothing involved in this incident, the report said. 

The victim alleged that she put some of her clothing, including leggings and undergarments, in a bag and hung them by the window in her bedroom. She walked downstairs, and Rush was acting unusual as he would not talk to her. She then called 911 while at the residence and eventually left to meet with a deputy, the report said. 

Two detectives proceeded to have a controlled phone call with Rush and the victim. He denied having sexual contact with the victim during the call and claimed that she was acting unusual the night before, the report said. 

The victim also went through an examination, during which a nurse found injuries such as nail marks on her right arm and bruises. There was also an unknown liquid on the back of her leg which was swabbed, the report said. 

Based on the evidence and victim’s statement, one of the detectives obtained a search warrant for the incident location. Rush was detained and transported to MCSO Operations to be interviewed, the report said. 

Rush advised that the victim was staying at his residence, and he had met her online. On the evening of the incident, he stated the victim was acting unusual, talking to people that were not there and saying “no.” He believed that she was recording him on her cellphone, the report said. 

He claimed that the victim again started acting strange in the stairway area leading to her bedroom, but he later went to bed. He denied any sexual contact with the victim and indicated that she was trying to “rob” him. Presumably, this was to have him falsely arrested to steal his property from his residence, the report said. 

Rush admitted to making advances toward the victim in the past, but they were verbal in nature. He corroborated the fact that the victim and he were drinking alcohol the night before, stating it was indeed an Irish crème beverage, the report said. 

Based on the aforementioned facts, Rush was placed under arrest on charge of sexual assault (sexual battery 18 years or older by person 18 years or older). He was transported to the Marion County Jail to be held without bond. 

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