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Elaine Lee Wolf

Elaine Lee Wolf
Elaine Lee Wolf

Elaine L. (Briggs) Wolf Elaine Wolf was born on January 15, 1945 in East St. Louis, Ill and passed away, after a long battle with cancer, on February 2, 2024.

Elaine is preceded in death by her Mother (Addie), father (Henry), her daughter (Angle, who died at birth), her sister (Gelene), and her step-son (Brian). She is succeeded by her husband (Ernie), and sister (Karen). She had two grandchildren, Joey and Liam, whom she loved dearly.

Elaine lived in the Villages since 2017 and enjoyed quilting and being a member of the Elaine Club. Elaine and Ernie met in Charleston, WV in 1980 and from day one Ernie was in love with her. She saved his life. Ernie was working for S. J. Groves and Sons Co., a construction company, drifting from job to job following the work. Sometime after they met, they moved to Alanta to work on a major project, at the time. They got married at home on April 4, 1982 and Ernie has loved her every minute of the 42 years.

Elaine worked multiple jobs doing secretarial work but was trained as a teacher. They ended up moving to Orlando, Florida in 1991 when Ernie went to work for Hubbard Construction Co, It is here she started as a substitute teacher, then a long term sub, then offered a permanent position. She taught second grade for 15 years, then retired. Teaching was not just a job for Elaine, it was a passion. She loved teaching the children and they loved her. During her teaching years she saved multiple children. Her job was especially difficult because she taught at risk students, the ones that had single parents, ones that were foster children, and those with learning disabilities. All of the children she taught learned a lot from her, especially love and caring, because she loved and cared for them all.

Elaine was Ernie’s wife, and best friend for over 40 years and he will miss her dearly. She was a member of St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church. Please pray for her soul.

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