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Thursday, April 18, 2024

We should not vote for anyone spreading Russian propaganda

To the Editor:

It is a common theme for staunch Republicans to call the FBI investigation and even the Mueller Report a “Russian hoax”; despite the fact that there were over 100 documented contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials and agents. It was also proven that the Russians did interfere in the 2016 election to hurt the Clinton campaign and help Trump; although, no direct collusion between Russians and the Trump campaign was proved.
Now, the Republican House members are actively planning to impeach President Biden, based on an FBI informant’s report of $5 million bribes to both Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in 2017. That informant has now been arrested and charged with lying to the FBI. However, more disturbing is that the false information of the bribes was directly fed to the informant by Russian intelligence. Republican Congressmen have been pushing this lie, even though they were told the information had NOT been confirmed and was suspect. Now, even after knowing the information is a lie, they are still going forward without acknowledging that they willingly pushed Russian intelligence lies and propaganda inside the Committees and functions of the US government. Who is running our Congress? The citizens of the USA through their elected representatives or the brutal dictator Putin and Russian oligarchs?? This is dangerous, incredibly dangerous and foolish. We should think about this and NOT vote for anyone for re-election that has knowingly spread Russian propaganda in the halls of our government.

Suzanne Wilson
Village of Poinciana


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