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Jealous boyfriend sentenced after outburst at Sawgrass Grove

Robert John Wozniak
Robert John Wozniak

A jealous boyfriend has been sentenced in connection with an outburst at the Market at Sawgrass Grove in The Villages.

Robert John Wozniak, 65, of Wildwood, pleaded no contest this past week to a charge of battery in Sumter County Court. He has been placed on probation for one year.

The battery charge stemmed from an Oct. 25 incident in which a Village of Marsh Bend man spotted his ex-girlfriend dancing with Wozniak at Sawgrass Grove. The man was seated when the woman and Wozniak walked by him. The man said he told the woman she “looked nice” and asked how she was doing, according to an arrest report from the Wildwood Police Department. The man walked over to the bar to greet some other friends. He had his back turned when Wozniak, who stands 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds, “aggressively” shoved him with his chest, the report said. Wozniak shouted profanities at the other man. The man retreated toward The Villages Sales & Information Center, about 30 feet away. One of the man’s friends tried to prevent Wozniak from further interaction with the Marsh Bend man. However, Wozniak continued shouting profanities at the man, until he finally got into his car and left. The encounter was captured on surveillance cameras.

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