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Hacienda North resident files to run for seat on CDD 1 board

Patsy Oburn
Patsy Oburn

A Village of Hacienda North resident has filed to run for a seat on the Community Development District 1 Board of Supervisors.

Patsy Oburn is hoping to succeed Supervisor Kathy Porter, who recently announced she will not be seeking another term. Porter has endorsed Jim Vaccaro as her chosen successor. Vaccaro, a member of the Amenity Authority Committee, has already filed to run for Porter’s seat.

Oburn is a full-time Villages resident since 2013 and said she loves The Villages lifestyle.

Oburn indicated that while she is not politically motivated, but rather she is motivated to improve the fiduciary decisions of CDD 1, focusing on improved problem identification and solution analysis.

“I plan to live another 40 years, in my home, in Hacienda North, in CDD 1 and in The Villages that I love. The biggest concern retirees have is outliving their money. This makes it critical that legitimate problems are addressed with methodical problem solving and not emotional unaffordable solutions,” she said.

Oburn was an internationally certified Project Manager who held the PMP (Project Management Professional) title for over 20 years.

She retired after 31 years of federal service from a Headquarters level position out of Washington D.C. where she worked problems from manufacturing, internal business, and international issues such as addressing human trafficking in government contracting. She said her “superpower” is deconstructing problems into processes, identifying root cause, and then designing integrated solutions, including developing, testing, and deploying automation and training development and implementation.

Oburn said that above all else she seeks to re-establish respectful decorum including respectful discourse with “win-win” solutions.

In 2020, The Villages demolished the Hacienda Hills Country Club and acquired 247 amenities from the Amenity Authority Committee with a plan to build a multi-story apartment complex on the site. Oburn, living adjacent to the site with anticipated negative ramifications to quality of life and property devaluation due to the proposal, decided to challenge the apartments. She spent about a year rallying residents and methodically communicating and negotiating with The Villages and Sumter County. Throughout the entire process, she required respect from her teams and her supporters. She denounced any Villages badmouthing, as non-productive and not honorable.

Her professional, methodical, analytical with “people focused” approach yielded a win-win between The Villages and the residents, she said.

“The Villages just completed and opened a beautiful recreational area, and 25 villas are planned, not 247 apartments,” she said.

She is a U.S. Army and PA National Guard veteran. Husband Robert Oburn, is a retired U.S. Army helicopter test pilot. She said the love of their life is Isabella, their Yorkie.

She holds a bachelor’s degree with concentration in leadership and management, from University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg. Va.

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