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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Developer should pay for golf course renovations not amenity fees

I play on at least one Championship Golf Course and one Executive Golf Course on a weekly basis.

On Easter Sunday, a group of us played on the Okeechobee Executive Golf Course and there was very little grass on the greens but an abundance of weeds, making it impossible to execute a straight putt.

The developer has allowed our Executive Golf Courses to deteriorate to the point where I personally believe a complete renovation of all the greens is now necessary! There should no longer be any “patch” work in these renovations! In addition, I feel the Developer should pay for these complete renovations and not utilize any amenity fees.  These fees should be used for the maintenance of our Executive Golf Courses, not a complete overhaul of the badly deteriorated greens, since the Developer has failed in their responsibilities to properly maintain these courses.

The greens on the Executive Golf Courses have deteriorated to the point where I’m embarrassed to have any guests attempt to play on these courses.

Our Developer doesn’t ever hesitate to emphasize how many holes of golf are available in the Villages and in the promotional videos advertising the lifestyles and amenities available in the Villages, there are views of beautiful golf courses. Beautiful until you actual play on them and here I’m emphasizing the Executive Golf Courses and the way they have been allowed to deteriorate!

I also note that many of the sand traps on the Championship Golf Courses are not properly raked each morning before play begins.

I encourage all golfers to let their voices be heard by the Developer and its executive officers.

 Gerry Katz is a resident of the Village of Pine Ridge.

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