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Thursday, April 18, 2024

It’s not the person, it’s the party!

To the Editor:

Response to Patricia Hoyt:
Your letter states to check the Cato Institute regarding 4,000 tunnel breaches under the Mexican border wall. So, I did:
“Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discovered 40 tunnels from 2017 to 2021, according to data obtained through a Cato Institute Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.” https://www.cato.org/blog/cbp-has-found-40-tunnels-under-trumps-border-wall
40 tunnels not 4000!
Checking your letter regarding the Trump “suckers and losers’ comment; it was never proven.
Sometime you are out after two strikes. The rest of your letter is mostly Democrat Party talking points. Joe Biden is bought and paid for by the Chinese. Everything he has done only benefits one group of people – the Chinese Communist Party.
Government spending creates inflation, not the supply chain. Inflation and high interest rates caused by Biden’s reckless spending remain out of control.
Biden idiotically seeks to add more load to the power grid, while simultaneously reducing generating capacity. Biden seems to be unaware the the sun does not shine at night and the wind does not always blow. He is aware that windmills, solar collectors and batteries are manufactured in China.
Biden’s goal of 50 percent electric vehicles by 2030 mean replacing 700 million gas powered vehicles. Using the world’s current peak production rate of electric vehicles, that would take 216 years.
The greatest danger to the U.S. as a republic is the Democratic party, because they blindly support his destructive policies like the one above, in order to remain in control. The second greatest danger is those who support Biden with lies and half-truths.

Gary Gardner
Village of Winifred


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