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Guatemalan DUI suspect arrested with phony ID after found passed out

Medardo Darinel Perez Lucas
Medardo Darinel Perez-Lucas

A Guatemalan drunk driving suspect was arrested with phony identification after he was found passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Medardo Darinel Perez-Lucas, 38, of Newberry, S.C., was slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle on Thursday afternoon at County Road 243A and County Road 243, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

Another motorist honked his horn to try to wake up Perez-Lucas and contacted law enforcement. When deputies arrived on the scene, they noted the vehicle was running and there were cans of Modelo beer that were in plain sight.

Perez-Lucas, who does not speak English, was found to be in possession of a North Carolina identification card with a different name and a different date of birth, but which had Perez-Lucas’ photograph. He was also in possession of a Guatemalan Consular identification card with this true name and date of birth.

He struggled through field sobriety exercises and refused to provide a breath sample.

As he was being transported to the Sumter County Detention Center, Perez-Lucas became so enraged he began to kick a metal partition in the squad car. His kicking was so violent it disconnected an in-car camera and activated a crash sensor.

He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, driving without a license and possession of a counterfeit document. He was booked at the jail and released after posting $2,650 bond.

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