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The Villages
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sheriff’s office nearly doubles number of tickets written in The Villages

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office nearly doubled the number of tickets written during the first quarter of 2024 in The Villages.

Capt. Robert Siemer, who serves as District Commander in The Villages, presented traffic statistics Friday morning before community development district boards of supervisors during meetings at Savannah Center.

In the first quarter of the year, 1,326 citations were written in The Villages. The number usually runs around 700.

Siemer said overtime details have been assigned to “problem areas,” including Morse Boulevard, north of County Road 466.

Community Development District 1 Supervisor Bill Jenness said the efforts appear to be paying off. He said extra patrols and speed limit signs are slowing down much of the traffic.

“It’s working,” Jenness said.

Siemer also reported the following statistics for the first quarter of 2024 in the Sumter County portion of The Villages:

• 342 car crashes

• 29 golf cart citations

• 54 golf car crashes

He said those numbers are about average.

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