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Friday, May 24, 2024

Thank You Marsha Shearer

To the Editor:

A big thank you to Marsha Shearer, thank you for all your research pointing out what a scoundrel President Trump has been. Based on your research from the mostly left-wing reports, I can readily see the error of my thinking to support the greatest president in the history of this country. We of us the great unwashed in this country are so deluded into thinking that our country had the economy that was the shining example of the world and all Americans were benefiting from that economy. That our veterans were finally being treated in a timely manner for their aliments, and thankful to the great president Biden for opening the border allowing estimated to date 8 million unvetted Illegal invaders to fill those mundane jobs no Americans would do. President Trump had the border secured that only legal vetted people were admitted.
Thank you Marsha, for pointing out abortion up to actual birth is the determining factor on this presidential election thus being the only issue Biden feels he can run on since his performance in every other government function has been impeachable. President Trump believes that is a states issue controlled by local governments not unelected bureaucrats in Washington.
I for one would like for all the other Trump haters to point out for us how Biden and other progressives have improved any Americans life while in office. Waiting for guidance from Marsha, Ralph Bennett and other more learned politicos for enlightenment.

Robert Basye
Village of Piedmont


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