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Villagers living in Marion County invited to poll watching training course

Villagers living in Marion County are invited to participate in a poll watching training course.

The Marion County Republican Executive Committee will be hosting a group, in-person, free poll watching training course. It will be conducted by the Republican Party of Florida and the Republican National Committee from noon to 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 30 at the Ocala Police Department Community Room at 402 S Pine Ave. in Ocala. This type training will be required for any individual participating as a poll watcher in the State of Florida. 

“The integrity of our elections is very important.  We need many poll watchers here in Marion County,” said Brigitte Smith, chair of the Marion County Republican Executive Committee.

Those interested in attending the training course can respond to Smith by calling or texting (727) 482-1124 or (937) 475-1218.

Webster’s bootlicking is obvious and he has to go

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Oren Miller is back despite efforts of Developer, Daily Sun and DeSantis

A Village of Briar Meadow resident said she is thrilled to see Oren Miller reinstated to the Sumter Commission, despite being railroaded by the Developer, The Villages Daily Sun and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Trump’s trial a big waste of tax dollars

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Future Villager wonders about arrests of unlicensed drivers

A Maryland resident with plans to move to The Villages has been reading Villages-News.com and wonders what happens to all of the unlicensed drivers who are being arrested.

Middle class Americans would be hit hard by Trump’s tariffs

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