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Include your pets in your hurricane preparation plans

We are in the midst of Hurricane Preparation Week, so it’s a good time to make sure you have a plan for the most-loved members of your household.

Here are some points to remember:

• If you plan to evacuate, take your pets. Remember, if it’s not safe for you to be there, it’s not safe for them either. Evacuation should take place no later than 24-48 hours before any storm predicted to come toward your residence makes landfall. Notify family or friends that you will be bringing your pets along. If you are leaving the storm area and you plan to stay at a pet friendly hotel/shelter, reservations must be made immediately, as sites book up rapidly during an emergency.

• Keep your pets inside or in a secure room or crate. Animals have been known to panic to such an extent that they will bolt from their home and run in terror to avoid storms. If windows break, pets loose in a house have been known to flee from the debris and chaos. Operating portable generators must be kept in sheltered but open air environments. Do not keep pets in a garage with an operating generator. The carbon monoxide fumes are toxic and will potentially kill them and you. Have a Pet Alert window cling on your home’s front and back doors for emergency workers to know who needs to be pulled from danger if you are not home at the time.

•  All pets should have more than one form of ID (collar with a personal tag and a County License tag, a microchip) on them and an emergency contact number out of the storm’s range in case you are separated. Have their current paperwork stored in waterproof bags or storage containers. Advice for newcomers to FL: Update your in/out-of-state contact information at the microchip company’s website.

• All pets should be current on vaccinations and needed prescriptions should be filled before the storm arrives. Provide at least a week’s supply of water and pet food for each pet and a 30 day supply of prescription medications. Have a manual can opener if there is no electricity and a pet first aid kit ready.

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