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CDD 1 officials brace for potential hike in maintenance assessment

Community Development District 1 officials are bracing for a potential hike in the maintenance assessment paid by residents.

The CDD 1 board is considering a possible increase ranging from 10 to 15 percent. The board will set a preliminary budget in June and at that time if an increase is approved, it will trigger a required letter that will be sent to all CDD 1 homeowners informing them of the possible increase. The final budget will be set in September and even if the board sets a 10 to 15 percent increase in June, it could still be reduced in September.

A 10 percent increase would be about a $40 increase per household. A 15 percent increase would be about a $45 increase per household.

At Friday’s meeting at Savannah Center, CDD 1 Board Chairman Rocky Hyder said he believes the board must look at cutting costs rather than rubber stamping an increase.

“What would be the difference if we planted flowers three times a year rather than four times a year? I believe this board has a responsibility to look at where we can decrease our expenses before we start talk about raising the rate. I am not going to vote for an increase until we look at cutting costs,” Hyder said.

CDD 1 Supervisor Judy Biebesheimer said that Hyder was talking about “peanuts” in the overall CDD 1 annual budget of $1.4 million.

“I may be talking peanuts, but if you put enough peanuts in a bag, it can make a difference,” Hyder said.

Biebesheimer pointed out that CDD 1 has aging infrastructure and the board will need to “bite the bullet” with regard to an increase in the maintenance assessment.

She said a 10 percent increase of $40 per year per household wouldn’t be that impactful.

“That’s about four bottles of wine they would have to cut back on,” Biebesheimer said.

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