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Villager livid after ruling on paint job at deed compliance hearing

A Villager is livid after a ruling last month in a deed compliance hearing in which his paint job was found to be out of compliance.

The home at 1326 Balboa Court in the San Pedro Villas was the subject of a deed compliance hearing in April before the Community Development District 1 Board of Supervisors. The board found that the house had been painted in stages and the colors don’t match. The board voted to find the home out of compliance and granted 45 days for the house to be brought into compliance. If it remains out of compliance, a $50 daily fine will be imposed.

John Schaefer, who has been living in the home owned since 1993 by Patricia Schaefer, showed up at Friday’s CDD 1 board meeting at Savannah Center.

He was clearly angry over the ruling made in the April meeting.

Schaefer claimed he had not received any notice of the public hearing, although evidence had been introduced indicating notices had been sent by regular mail and certified mail.

He also complained that the camera angles of the photos taken by Community Standards misrepresented the appearance of his home.

“She keeps taking the same photo from the same angle at the same time of day,” Schaefer said.

This villa at 1326 Balboa Court will have to be re painted
This villa at 1326 Balboa Court will have to be re-painted.

He said the home was painted in 2018 and said he was dumbfounded as to why it was suddenly a problem.

He also claimed his property has been negatively impacted by a neglected property next door.

Schaefer stood at the podium and held up crumbling shingles he claimed came from 1324 Balboa Court, which has been the subject of a separate deed compliance case.

The roof is in disrepair at the home on Balboa Court
This photo of a roof with missing shingles at 1324 Balboa Court was introduced as evidence in a public hearing back in 2021.

Schaefer said the property had been abandoned several years ago. That property is facing $19,500 in deed compliance fines.

His fines are scheduled to begin on May 27.

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