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Is ‘hate speech’ hateful and does ‘misinformation’ misinform?

To the Editor:

Today being accused of hate speech or being accused of providing misinformation is considered a high crime. One can be fined thousands of dollars and/or even be imprisoned. Offenders likely will be demonized, deplatformed, fired or censored. I don’t believe that people being accused of hate speech are being hateful in any way. Also, I don’t believe that people that are being accused of misinformation are misinforming anybody. I think they are telling the truth.
Recently, at a get together after golf, I was challenged with the question, “how do we know when something is true?” My answer was and still is, “when they are labeling it ‘misinformation.’” That may seem like a paradox, but I really believe it is true.
Picture somebody running around spewing statements that we all know are factually false. There is no need to censor him, just bring out the facts and expose him as a fool. You would be doing him a favor by censoring him!
Alternatively, if people in power are promoting a false narrative that needs to be believed and not challenged, what are their options? They can’t bring out the truth. The problem is the truth exposes their false narrative. Their only option is to label the truth, “misinformation.”
Back to “hate speech” – If someone is spewing true hate speech toward another person. It is not in the form of a rational explanation of something being wrong. It would be an emotional action using defamatory words, pejoratives and likely cuss words. That is not what we are seeing in people that are being accused of “hate speech.” No, it is when people and their beliefs are on the opposite side of that of an alleged victim group or a “sacred cow” political belief. “Drag queens” are one example of a victim group. An example of a “sacred cow” political belief is “the election was legitimate.” People are being accused of “hate speech” when they express that they don’t believe the “party line” in a rational manor. The accusers don’t allow for someone not being sympathetic towards an ideology or not believe that a specific group is being victimized, and at the same time do not hate those that hold those beliefs. They don’t believe that one can hate the sin and love the sinner. The distinction is not allowed.
We need to keep an eye out for examples of caring being called hate and truth classified as misinformation.

Bill Nitardy
Village of Sunset Pointe


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