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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Middleton reader says our country has a problem

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, our country has a problem. There’s not enough money for public libraries. You might not think this is not a big deal, but for the poor and people with impairments that make it hard to read, such as visual impairments or dyslexia, it is the difference between reading and having to sit at the TV, watching a movie or TV show. The main reason why? E-books are getting too expensive for libraries. See, E-readers such as the Amazon Kindle open the road for people with dyslexia or bad eyesight to read. On an Amazon Kindle, you can not only turn up the text size, useful for bad eyesight, but you can also turn on a font called OpenDyslexic, making it way easier for people with dyslexia to read. Unfortunately, not every library can afford e-books for e-readers. For a library, one copy of an e-book can cost up to $70, and the library needs to re-purchase the e-book every 24 months. For the people that can not afford to buy a new e-book whenever they want to read one, commonly priced at $9.99 for consumers, a library is the best option. But the people who need an e-book to read, and have trouble reading paper books for any reason, and can’t afford to buy their e-books? They are getting left in the dust. We need to do something about this. It’s not the 1700s any more, we have no reason to leave people in the dust when it comes to literacy. We’re a modern society, people aren’t dying of smallpox anymore, the amount of people that have access to literature should reflect that, even if we have to accommodate them to make it happen.

Grace Kirwan


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