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Friday, June 21, 2024

We are creating a new slave class in America

To the Editor:

On a recent trip through Mississippi and Louisiana we visited a former slave community on a cotton plantation. Needless to say, living conditions during the 1700 and 1800s were not pleasant. Treatment of slaves as history portrays is embarrassing.
We are now living in a time that we are creating a new slave class and no one is talking about it.
We have allowed illegals to enter this country and the elite class are creating a new slave class.
It was noted recently that we need these people entering our country. We need them to pick our fruit and vegetables. Another asked the question, “Who’ll milk the cows if all undocumented workers are deported”? A recent news story reported that children were found being used to clean up food processing centers. Some of the living conditions of people are not much different than those in the 1800’s
During my life I have witnessed my grandfather going through government hoops to get help for fall harvest. He followed the rules and managed.
I have witnessed dairy farmers, egg laying facilities and greenhouse operators working through the bureaucracy to obtain laborers. They were inspected by ICE to ensure that the help was documented.
We the government are now providing people money not to work and letting illegals create a new slave class. Shame on us!!!
Shame on us for letting it happen.
I feel for the people who have entered the U.S. as some felt for those who were slaves before them. You can throw stones at me and tell me I’m wrong and my facts are not correct but we still have a new SLAVE CLASS and no one is talking or doing anything about it.

David Boone
Village of Fernandina


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