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Proper maintenance of infrastructure in The Villages ‘non-existent’

To the Editor:

It seems like once a month we have to call “Utilities” to come out to repair the water mains in front of our house. Jacobs brings out the trucks, guess at the location for the leaking pipe, and start cutting the pavement, hydraulically dig and finally “repair” the defective flex-tube. Sounds correct, right? Beginning several years ago this occasional inconvenience became a monthly event. The residents of our cul-de-sac started requesting new pipes be installed. One gentleman on a repair crew stated that “… your street has been put on a list to have new water mains trenched in, but it will likely be a few more years before they can get to it.”
Last month the leak was in front of my home, again. Last week, the leak was in front of my neighbor’s driveway. On a side note, it usually takes two to three weeks to have pavement repaired. Well, last night, another leak was evidenced by water bubbling out between the past pavement repairs with sand pumping out across the roadway. Wow what a great aerial photo our street would make – it looks like a black, gray and brown patchwork quilt but with orange detour cones interspersed. I’ve tried to call this latest leak in to the telephone number provided on “the water bill.” The call immediately goes to music and after a minute or so, the typical “your call is important to us” message chimes in… back on hold. I gave up after four of the verbal “your call is important…” Yes, I have tried several times and get the same result.
Customer service within The Villages is becoming non-existent. Proper maintenance of our infrastructure is likewise non-existent. For many of us, our largest investment is our home. Having patchwork pavement, dozens of patches, truly impacts the value of our investment. What do we, as residents, expect? I expect a “fix” not a patch. I expect our infrastructure to be sound and reliable.

Bill Edwards
Village of Tierra de Sol South


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