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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Speeding in a golf cart can be deadly

To the Editor:

The multi-modal paths now serve a wide variety of vehicles to also include walkers and joggers. As such there is clearly a need for a speed limit that will address this wide variety of travel. Since many golf carts can easily exceed the 20 mph that is supposedly built into the vehicles, the drivers simply need to act in a more responsible manner for the safety of themselves and others on these paths. Given the all-too frequent episodes of both drivers and riders not stopping at stop signs, driving recklessly and obviously speeding, the only logical approach is to limit the multi-modal path speeds to 10 mph. Start by posting signs and implementing an ongoing, awareness campaign …. hopefully with the passage of time and events the majority of users will comply. These paths are clearly an amenity that provide convenient access for many residents. They need to be safe and used responsibly to also include not blasting sound systems. I can only hope that users of our paths would heed the speed limits and just simply slow down. Our local history has clearly shown that speeding in a golf cart can get people seriously injured or killed.
I fully realize that this can only be effective with voluntary compliance and responsible cart operation, but it is a simple, basic low-cost approach to making the paths safer for all users.

Gene Hallman
Village of Chitty Chatty


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