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Court documents detail ugly eviction at rented home in The Villages

Judy Aline Schmersey Staton
Judy Aline Schmersey-Staton

Court documents are offering details of an ugly eviction at a rented home in The Villages, resulting in a tenant’s arrest.

Judy Aline Schmersey-Staton, 77, is facing a felony charge of battery following an alleged attack on her landlord during a walk-through at the rental property at 3942 Zenith Loop in the Village of Osceola Hills. The Illinois native remains free on $500 bond.

During the prescheduled inspection of the home, a property manager was also present “due to previous issues, animosity, and tension between” the landlord and Schmersey-Staton. Still there were “hostile words exchanged,” according to the arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. Schmersey-Staton “became upset trying to explain her perspective and struck the victim with both hands in her right arm/chest area causing her to move backwards,” As a result “more words were exchanged” and Schmersey-Staton ordered the landlord and the property manager to leave the premises. They called law enforcement and Schmersey-Staton was taken into custody.

However, a document filed in court by Schmersey-Staton and her husband, indicate there had been many problems with the rental property.

The home at 3942 Zenith Loop in the Village of Osceola Hills
The home at 3942 Zenith Loop in the Village of Osceola Hills.

They said they had a dangerous incident involving the glass Whirlpool cooktop stove when Schmersey-Staton was hit with an electrical shock so powerful it “knocked her across the kitchen.” A repairman told the renting couple it was a “design problem.” The landlord suggested splitting the cost of the repair, but the couple insisted on a new stove after researching lawsuits prompted by that particular Whirlpool model. A stalemate ensued and the couple said they were without a cooktop stove for seven months. They bought an air fryer, but still spent plenty of money going out to eat or bringing home to-go meals.

The couple also detailed problems with the clothes dryer, smoke detector and garage door.

The couple claims the landlord owes them in excess of $2,000 for repairs they made to the home.

The landlord, a Village of Gilchrist resident who paid $265,400 for the Zenith Loop home in 2016, claims the couple failed to pay the $2,450 rent due May 1. She served a notice of eviction on May 6. Schmersey-Staton was arrested May 10.

They also said their rental was supposed to run through Thursday, May 30.

Schmersey-Staton is due July 15 in Sumter County Court for an arraignment.

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