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Villager seeks forgiveness for $11,087 fine for replacing sod with stone

When Shelba Fraser purchased her home in the La Crescenta Villas in 2000, it had sod.

“But the grass wouldn’t grow,” she said.

In 2012, she followed a suggestion and put down stone. It looked great and required very little maintenance. Many of her neighbors did the same thing and loved it.

Shelba Fraser had faced an $11,000 fine for having stone at her patio villa
Shelba Fraser had faced an $11,087 fine for having stone at her patio villa.

Fraser, who has been living in the villa for nearly 25 years, got snared last year in a troll’s report of several villas with stone landscaping, resulting in the sod vs. stone controversy that rocked the La Crescenta Villas.

Fraser brought her home back into compliance on May 1, but not before racking up $11,087 in fines.

Fraser appeared Friday morning before the Community Development District 2 Board of Supervisors at Savannah Center, asking that the fines be forgiven.

The board agreed to waive the fines, with the exception of about $200 in administrative fees and legal expenses.

The board has previously forgiven other fines from the La Crescenta sod vs. stone controversy.

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