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Friday, July 12, 2024

Have they no shame?

Marsha Shearer
Marsha Shearer

Have they no shame?

That’s a statement, not a question. “They” is The Villages Developer. Here’s what they do have: power, money, and greed with giant dashes of vengeance and manipulation thrown in. The Developer is determined to repeat the fiasco of four years ago in an effort to assure only those willing to do his bidding are elected to the Sumter County Commission.

On literally the last day to file, three bobble-heads, threw their hats in the ring in the hopes of assuring Oren Miller, Craig Estep, and Deb Butterfield are not elected to the County Commission. The “official” candidates, Mary Lazich, Todd Coon and Don Wiley have each received significant donations from the Developer. Whom do you think they will owe their allegiance to – the residents of Sumter County or the Developer?

These last minute filings assure that 51,328 citizens of Sumter County will be unable to vote in the August primary election (as of 14 June, 2024). These include registered Democrats as well as Non-Party Affiliates. Together, that amounts to 42 percent of the electorate who are now disenfranchised and unable to vote in the primary for their choice to represent them on the County Commission.

Lest you think the County Commission has little impact on your lives, members are responsible for “adopting ordinances and resolutions, which establish policies and programs to protest the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the county.” This includes an operating budget, i.e. taxes. One example (of many) where the Developer’s agenda took priority, was a property tax increase of 26 percent in one year. Shouldn’t all voters be able to have a say in the operating budget? Shouldn’t voters throughout the county have a say in the policies and programs that impact all of us? Well, not if Commission members are beholden to the Developer.

Enough already! The last I heard we still live in a democracy. And yet, 42 percent of voters will be unable to exercise their right to vote. Remember this in August and vote for the candidates committed to serving you and not the Developer.

Villager Marsha Shearer is author of “Life after Trump: Seeking a More Perfect Union” which is available at amazon.com/dp/B099ZRSWBM

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