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Friday, July 12, 2024

Ed McGinty is a delusional fool

To the Editor:

Ed McGinty, you are are delusional fool. Protesting against Trump. Obviously you are wealthy being able to live in The Villages.
If you are for Joey B. and he gets elected you will lose everything, money, home etc. That’s Joey’s plan. Turn this great nation into a socialist nation. If that’s what you think you want do some research on Venezuela . They were a rich country like the USA and after being taken over by the socialists, the rich lost everything and the country is now one of the poorest countries where no one has enough to eat, no rights or freedoms
Yeah, keep wearing orange showing your ignorance for all to see.
It’s people like you and Joey that are destroying this great nation.
Hope you will be happy being stripped of your wealth . Better keep those ugly orange clothes. They will probably be the only thing you will have if Joey and the Democrats stay in office.

Tom Zak


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