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Friday, July 12, 2024

Understanding the U.S. Constitution

To the Editor:

I have just finished watching a series on my Amazon Prime subscription, the Federalist Papers. As a retired lawyer, I was familiar with most parts based on law school and their reference in Supreme Court decisions.
The Federalist Papers for a layman are not easy to understand due to the English language and phraseology of those times and the legal terms. However, this is an in depth, easy to understand teacher review and explanation of why, how, and what Madison, John Jay and Hamilton were thinking in writing and publishing the Federalist Papers and why our Constitution has the components and specific language it does.
The explanations are tied to decisions in law based on the Federalist Papers including Marberry vs Madison, Roosevelt’s New Deal, the 1964 Civil Rights Law, the post Civil War changes, federal versus state dual supremacy, use of the Commerce clause to expand federal power, expansion of presidential power and even liquor and marijuana law disputes today. I would encourage anyone, especially those hanging their defense of a position on “protecting the Constitution”, to see this series. It opened my eyes. Note especially the comments on a new Constitutional Convention or expanding or restricting the Supreme Court.

William Beckett
Village of Sanibel


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