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Friday, July 12, 2024

America is on the brink of collapse

To the Editor:

If you don’t recognize both the “evil” adjectives in the title as redundant, this article is for you. Coercion and censorship are virtually always evil when applied by big government, big business, main street media, health care providers, employers, peers or even churches. This needs to be recognized and addressed.
One glaring example from our distant past where we completely failed to recognize coercion as evil had to do with forcing both segregation and integration. It was correctly recognized that forced segregation was evil. To correct the problem, they implemented forced integration by bussing minorities into white schools. Obviously, their conclusion was that actual segregation was the evil not the coercion. That is why they forced integration as the solution. In reality, forced integration was just as evil as forced segregation. They failed to recognize that coercion or forcing the issue was the evil, not segregation or integration.
Today, we fail to recognize the great evils of coercion and censorship which are the primary Modus Operandi of our evil government and its “state religion” of humanism. It is diametrically opposite to biblical Christianity. Biblical principles and beliefs are censored out of the public square based upon an alleged “separation of church and state” philosophy that inverted the government’s response to the Danbury Baptist Church. The government stated it would stay out of the churches business, but inadvertently used a two-sided metaphor that now has been inverted to keep the church out of government and the public square.
Beyond a need to recognize coercion and censorship as huge evils, the fact that our state religion of “humanism” is in diametric opposition to biblical Christianity is irrefutable evidence that it is not an accident, but a reflection of the rebellion against God in both the spiritual and physical realm.
Today, America is on the brink of collapse as we see tyranny replacing freedom. Certainly, a political inversion resulting from the next election is a step in the right direction, but exposing the “sleight of hand” that has eliminated God from our public square and replacing a biblical worldview with a humanistic one needs to be exposed and addressed. We need to start promoting truth and stop censoring it by calling it mis-information!

Bill Nitardy
Village of Sunset Pointe


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