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Friday, July 12, 2024

GOP chair was out of her lane when she tried to blame Democrats

To the Editor:

There have been a couple of recent letters to the editor about the write-in candidates for County Commissioner.
First, the Chair of the local Republican party attempts to justify this voter suppression effort here: (https://www.villages-news.com/2024/06/14/grateful-to-write-in-candidates/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2kkGuuBIv77P1BkkDvVoKGirbm5CBk8HUxZH4Dh9Li_mPGIQVO2QCQYtI_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcw#google_vignette).
Next, the League of Women Voters Co-President believes that this action subverted the intent of the Universal Primary Amendment. She conceded it was legal but posed the question, is it right? Check out her comments here: (https://www.villages-news.com/2024/06/16/write-in-loophole-may-be-legal-but-flouts-intent-of-universal-primary-amendment/#google_vignette)
Until this write-in loophole is closed we know it’s legal. The readers/voters can decide if these voter suppression efforts are right morally.
The Republican Chair veers way out of her lane when she blames the Democrats for the Republican actions. For some unexplained reason, she seems afraid that the Democrats will crash or interfere with the primary. Note to the Republican Chair–Rather than using made up excuses, you need to own your actions. You used the write-in loophole and made the decision to extend the voter suppression to this race–own it and quit trying to find imaginary scapegoats.
The Republican chair further pretends that her actions are to preserve freedom and prosperity but we can see here (https://www.villages-news.com/2024/06/11/developer-floods-coffers-of-chosen-candidates-for-sumter-commission/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Developer%20floods%20coffers%20of%20chosen%20candidates%20for%20Sumter%20Commission&utm_campaign=Villages-News%20-%20Standard%20-%20REDESIGN%20-%20Daily%20Newsletter%20-%205%3A30am) who will actually prosper. BTW–it isn’t the voter.
If you want freedom, start with letting women make their own health care choices and quit banning books as well as the words “climate change.”

Bob Berg, Chair
Sumter Democrats


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