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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Hey Bob, I’m happy to stay in my lane

To the Editor:

It’s so nice that the Sumter Democratic Party chairman emerged with a “Letter to the Editor” to remind us that there is still a Democratic Party in Sumter County. Unfortunately for him, his letter made as much sense as the Democratic Party platform.
Closing a primary using the “write-in” loophole is perfectly legal. In fact, a study done by the organization Open Primaries between 2018-2022 showed that the “write-in” loophole was used by the Democratic Party 59 percent of the time.
If legally closing a party primary election is “voter suppression,” is encouraging Democrats to switch their party to vote in the Republican primary election “voter fraud?”
Bob, I’m happy to stay in my lane. The Republican primary IS my lane. Sounds like you have sour grapes that your party isn’t able to merge into it. I am not “blaming” the Democratic Party for anything other than failing to find even one Democrat out of 24,464 to run and hold your own primary.
Perhaps, Bob, you need to be reminded where YOUR lane is. As the Party Chairman, isn’t it your job to grow your voter base? Democrats have lost over 850 voters in Sumter County since 2022, while the Sumter County Republicans have grown by 4,003. Statewide, Republicans now outnumber Democrats by nearly one million voters. My lane seems to be doing just fine. How’s yours?
The same Democrats who plan to vote for Joe Biden’s inflation, open borders, lawlessness, and American decline have no business voting in the Republican primary election.

Samantha Scott, Chair
Sumter County Republican Party


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